Meet the Author

My soul said: “Hi, it’s about time. Let’s share.”
And we did. This book is the sharing.

My soul is patient.
It sits in a majestic chair,
waiting to be recognized.

Every now and then,
sometimes more, sometimes less,
in a moment of serene silence,
I sit majestically in its lap,
in a peaceful rapture.

Every now and then,
in a moment of august pain
bellowing on my knees eternity’s cry,
I reach out in desperation
and the hands of soul
envelop me.

I meet the pain in trust,
in a peaceful rapture.


Roberta Kuriloff lives in the home she designed and helped build in the woods of Orland, Maine. She has been a practicing attorney in Connecticut and Maine since 1976. Among other commitments, she has been a Hospice patient-volunteer, a founding member of two domestic violence projects, and presents public seminars to empower people to make informed estate planning and eldercare decisions. In between her lawyering and community involvement, she makes time to enjoy her passion for writing—and dance.

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